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Who we are;

Avid is a school for teen moms and their children in rural Uganda. We started as a homework support group for children in low income communities; a program that helped us to realize why a lot of teenage girls were dropping out of school.

Why we do what we do;

In Uganda today, about 300,000 teenage girls drop out of school due to teenage pregnancies every year. And yet according to UNESCO, Uganda has the highest high school drop out rate in East Africa with only 1 out of 10 being able to go back to school after giving birth and the rest staying in early and forced marriages.

Educating a teen mom in rural Uganda is a threat to the domestic space. This is due to the fact that we are dislocating her from the control of patriarchy, empowering her beyond what her immediate family had planned for her resources and her labor and disrupting a full family system that is designed to make her dependent, submissive and subservient to any way of life that the patriarchy presents to her.

What we do;

Our responsibility in this is to not only negotiate patriarchy and other centers of power but also neutralize the threat into an opportunity for holistic transformation.

On our ten-acre ranch in Kayunga, we have successfully opened up a school where teen moms are studying besides their children.

We emphasize on fostering a stigma free learning environment for teen moms and their children and we offer the following services;

  1. Counseling
  2. Vocational skills trainings and
  3. Formal education

Our Vision;

A society full of empowered teen moms.

Our Mission;

To make it more convenient for teen moms and their children to access education.

Our objectives;

  1. Healing the heart
  2. Skilling the hands
  3. Changing mindset


Become our enabler by donating sewing machines and other material supplies for our teen moms vocational skills training course.