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The Solution

Avid school

  This year we opend up our school to our immediate community! Children of ages 2 to 7 are enrolled into our nursery program as we are setting up the primary section for those aged 7 to 14.





We value a peer to peer support system to encourage social responsibility among our students. It is through such activities that they are empowered with the relevant skills that will enable them to manage 21st century challenges.





Creativity is another element that is so crucial in today’s education. Children are kept on their toes, full of excitement and desire to be engaged and to actively participate in an informative activity. This develops their proactivity and motivates them to contribute towards an exercise. 

Vocational Skills Training

We engage young people of ages 14 to 30 in vocational skills trainings to equip them with entrepreneurial skills. Our focus area is mainly products of purpose like our Pads & Periods Program where we teach them how to make reusable pads and then hire them to be paid for their skills. Here is a video  of our Pads & Periods Program. Kindly watch and support young people in their becoming of individuals of meaning and impact 🙂

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