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The Problem


Young people in rural Uganda face a unique set of challenges that require a holistic intervention.
There are over 7.5 million children attending rural schools in Uganda. The vast majority of these schools offer a poor standard of education under strenuous conditions that expose children to high risks.


Shortage of latrines and hand washing facilities

 There is a high shortage of latrines and hand washing facilities which leads to easy spread of diseases.

Poor staff management

Poor staff management in rural schools makes it hard for schools to attract and retain good quality teachers. Many staff members walk or cycle long distances each day to teach.

Education not a priority

Due to the numerous challenges in the pursuit of education, many parents don’t take their children’s education as a priority and choose to keep them home to farm in order to feed their families.

Shortage of classrooms

Most schools in rural Uganda are in temporary buildings. Some made of grass and mud while others in tired wood. In case of a classroom, children are usually over-crowded and so they are taught in open space under trees where they sit on dirty dusty floor.


Avid is based on a 10-acre ranch located in Kayunga District in Central Uganda, approximately 74 kilometers northeast of the capital Kampala on an all- weather tarmac highway. Within Kayunga district itself, we are located in Misanga Village, Bbaale Sub-county; approximately 53 kilometers north of Kayunga town on an all marram road. For so long now, the village of Misanga just like all rural areas in Uganda, have been neglected thereby making them some of the most high-risk areas in Uganda. Misanga has very limited opportunities for its people to earn a decent living due to low education levels and lack of employable or entrepreneurial skills. Yet with little investment, we can create lifelong impact. 

Kayunga district.

The District has a total land area of 1810 sq. km. It lies between 1000-1200m above sea level. It is generally flat with no remarkable hills, part of a wetland (Ssezibwa) and a lake in the northern part (Kyoga). Kayunga has 9 sub-counties, 52 parishes and 460 villages among which is Bbaale, Misanga where Avid is based.



According to the results of the 2014 Population Census, Kayunga has a steadily growing population of 370,210 people with Density of 585/sq mi.



There are 396 primary schools of which 167 are government and 229 are private with an estimated enrollment of 72,971 out of which 35,969 are girls. The district also has 64 secondary schools of which 11 are government aided and 53 are private and 1 government Technical school.